Let us use our experience and resources to help you find answers faster.


We offer knowledge of the follow categories. Question not on the List? Ask away! We’re happy to help in any way we can! 


We offer:

-       answers to general questions that may come up in everyday living

-       direction to prosthetic advice/ prosthetic consultations

-       physical development skills/ technique courses to help an amputee excel in a non- handicap accessible situation 

-       problem solving skills

-       stretching techniques focused on people with lower limb loss

-       functional fitness training; workout plans created for your specific needs as an amputee

-       mental toughness/ coping techniques 

-       a platform to share your own experiences 

-       Wheelchair needs/ custom fitting advice

-       adaptive sports introductions 

-       skin care recommendations

-       travel tips: local and by user request

-       physical therapy

-       occupational therapy

-       Airplane travel

-       Car transfers

-       Transposition options

-       Guide to state/ city guided services

-       Handicapped accessible walking trails

-       Handicapped accessible bathrooms 

-       Phantom Pain/ alternative remedies

-       Prosthetics

-       Adaptive Yoga