Craig Towler

President | Founder

My Story

My name is Craig Towler and I’m a bilateral amputee, and the founder of Amputee Concierge. Through my amputation process and to this day life has been very challenging in all the ways you can imagine, but I have also faced many problems on a day-to –day basis that in retrospect could have been avoided and most importantly, time could have been saved. Time is invaluable, and something that is not guaranteed and will eventually run out.  My mission is to create a victim’s advocacy platform where amputees and their families can receive basic to complex information in a short amount of time from a reliable source FOR FREE. When people are thrown into a new world, such as living with limb loss this is usually done with no warning or time for preparation. So, how are these people supposed to know what the next step is? Let alone the next right step. This was me July 4th, 2016 when I was forced to have both of my legs amputated because of an intoxicated driver. I was also forced to relearn everything that I had spent my life trying to learn. There are many amazing people and resources available for amputees, but the problem is these resources are not always apparent or easy to find. This is where the idea for Amputee Concierge was born.