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A 100% free resource for amputees and their families geared toward helping find answers to everyday questions a new amputee or family member may encounter. We use our personal experiences and resources acquired through the course of my own journey of being a bi-lateral Ak/ Bk amputee to help get your questions answered so you can get back to your life!  

There are very few things in life that we have 100% control over, but our outlook on life and how we want to use the precious time that we have here is one thing that we can. No matter what obstacles, setbacks, or tragedies we may face every day, we can control how much time, energy, and effort we put forth into making positive changes for ourselves, and for those around us. No matter what emotion you are feeling inside, time is always moving forward, so you can either choose to spend that time on negative emotions such as pain and anger or you can spend that time being productive
— Craig Towler, President and Founder | Amputee Concierge, LLC
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