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What qualifies a location to be accessible? 

Our Accessible Checklist! 


✅ Entrance is adequate width to fit standard wheelchair base 

✅ Entrance is easily accessible with no curbs/ steps 

✅ Easily navigate establishment  

✅ Tables are an appropriate height for comfortable seating in a wheelchair 

✅ ADA compliant 

✅ Ability to reach checkout counter if needed i.e. credit card machine/ signing receipt electronically 


✅ Appropriate bars in restroom 

✅ Baby changing station in Men’s and Women’s restroom 

✅ Ability to do 360 degrees turn in wheelchair 

✅ Stall is wide enough to fit wheelchair parallel to toilet 

✅ Stall is large enough to close door 

✅ Stall door locks for appropriate privacy 


✅ Entablement feels comfortable as a customer with mobility needs 

If a location is missing an item from the accessible checklist we'll tell you about it so you can plan accordingly so you can start traveling with confidence! 

Found an awesome accessible location? Would you like to share it with our community?

Please send us a message with the following information. We'll review your submission and then feature it on our page and Instagram page! 

  • name of location
  • address
  • what is it? 
  • why would you like to share this location?
  • would you like to get credit for this submission or remain anonymous? 
  • attach a photo of the location if possible 

Introduction Letter/ Ways to Support 

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