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Submit Location Questions

Name *
Please name the device or write NA (i.e. wheelchair, walker, cane, crutches, motorized chair, prosthetics etc.)
Address of Location *
Address of Location
Restaurant, private business, public business, park, etc.
Example: doorway was too narrow. Stairs without wheelchair ramp at entrance etc.
Example: isle in store was too narrow to fit through. Tables too close together making people bump your wheelchair as they walk by etc.
Example: Were their tables an appropriate height or did they only offer raised seating etc.
Example: were you able to reach the credit card reader. Was the payment screen at an appropriate height for you to view etc.
Example: Were these bars in a location that was idea for your use? How many bars were there?
Example: Was the door able to close and lock easily with your wheelchair inside
Please note which restroom you were using (men’s or women’s) or write NA if you choose not to answer
Example: was there anything about the atmosphere that made you feel uncomfortable etc.)
Only your first name would be shared*